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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- America, the commercial says, runs on Dunkin. So too does New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan.

And his love of coffee could potentially land him an endorsement deal, all for simply having a cup of coffee in his hand...always in his hands.

Across town, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Odell BeckhamJr. are the centerpiece of a humorous Dunkin Donutsregional advertising push called 'Camp Commitment.' But could Maccagnan, who literally is always seen with a cup of coffee in his hands and loves to talk about java, be the next spokesman for Dunkin Donuts or another brand?

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He is not as well known or as recognizable as either Manning or Beckham but therein might lie some of the appeal.

"It’s been widely reported that Mac always has a cup of coffee in his hands so that coupled with his high-visibility sports position in the New York market provide all the ingredients needed for possible coffee endorsement deals. Of course it doesn’t hurt if the roster he puts together wins games and solidifies his reputation as a hard-working, successful football executive," said Jon Newman,CEO, The Hodges Partnership based in Richmond, VA. Newman has over 30 years of public relations and marketing experience as well as also being a lifelong Jets fan.

It appears that Maccagnan resonates with fans as a bit of an "everyman." He's highly approachable, friendly and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. All while being comfortable with who he is.

"Compared to past Jets general managers who have come either as novices or too-scripted when dealing with the media, so far Mac seems very comfortable in the public role. He’s much more transparent and a straight shooter and that’s greatly appreciated by the New York fan," Newman said. "He does come off as a regular guy with a football 'gym rat'background who has had to work hard to get his reputation as a scout and talent guy. New Yorkers love a hard worker who gets results. We know he works hard, as Jets fans will hope the results are right around the corner."

And the northeast area, particularly the tristate, loves Dunkin Donuts which is one of Maccagnan's staples in terms of coffee go-to places. In New York City alone, there are more Dunkin Donuts than Starbucks and a survey several years ago said that there are more Dunkin shops than any other chain store in the city. It must be the Old Fashioned doughnut that gets them in.

Newman notes that any sort of potential endorsement capitalizing on Maccagnan's coffee habit would need to be regional but he said it could potentially net the Jets general manager in the "low six-figures." That can certainly help him buy his staff the next round of coffee.

Tell the intern to bring his notepad. We're ordering coffee.

"I don’t get the sense that he’s a five-buck a cup decaf, soy milk latte kind of guy. He wants a good, solid cup of coffee," Newman said. "Couple that will his hard-working reputation and he’s perfect for the hard-working, multi-cup a day New Yorker who loves their coffee strong and with cream and sugar max."

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