Soccer haters often like to harp on the fact that “all the good players are in Europe.”

Not for long.

Sure, most of MLS is made up of Americans. But with new rules set in place this season, each team is allowed to have up to eight international players on its 28- to 30-man roster.

Currently, the New England Revolution carries seven international players, with hopes of filling that last slot soon — preferably with a forward.

Two of the foreigners are Frenchmen: midfielder Ousmane Dabo and defender Didier Domi.

“We got them to come in and really make a difference,” said coach Steve Nicol, a legendary European player himself. “We got them because they’re experienced, because of the qualities they have, because of the type of people they are. We knew it was a no-brainer.”

Sitting side by side in the Revs locker room, the two French standouts hope their knowledge and skill are contagious. “You play with your quality and your experience that you got in Europe, and transmit to the young and everybody here,” Domi said.

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