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Was the Eagles defense tired Sunday in Philly's bitter defeat to the Redskins?

They did stay on the field for more than 41 minutes, the last six coming duringa 90-yard touchdown march to give Kirk Cousins and Washington the comeback 23-20 win.

And they did defend 79 plays.

"We have to me more consistent," tight end Zach Ertz said."We can't keep putting our defense on the field for that many plays and expect them to not be tired at the end of the game. We have do better at getting open in the passing game and blocking in the running game."


But this sort of comes with the territory when playing defense for Chip Kelly. The Eagles notoriously run a no-huddle, fast-paced offense -- and they run it in practice too.

The Eagles get a ton of reps on defense, and have been pretty solid considering the situations they have been put into during the first four games of the season. And considering the huge setbacks they have suffered on the injury front (with Mychal Kendricks, Byron Maxwell, Jason Peters and others leaving the Redskins game alone).

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Brandon Graham says beingtired is not an option.

"For us, we are four games in," the linebacker said."If you're still getting tired you need to condition more. We want that situation. If we can do it all over again, a lot of guys would do a lot of things differently, but the Redskins came to play and did a lot of good things on that drive. It's a game of inches."

For all their faults and as ugly as things have looked at times on both sides of the ball, the Eagles could easily be 3-1 without much more proficiency. If they can get it together, with the 1-3 Saints coming to town and a weak schedule for the next six weeks, things could get back on track.

Or if you ask Graham (or anyone else on the Eagles defense), things will get back on track.

"We keep getting better each week, as a team and as a unit," Graham said. "We are going to shock a lot of people."

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