For the second time this week, we're throwing a national story into our Philly sports blog.

But after listening to local sports-talk radio all week, I think it's warranted. The top two topics trending so far this week have been Tim Tebow and the Sixers' sudden rise to relevance.

Back to the lecture at hand, Tebow.

Personally, I don't have any real animosity toward Tebow. He seems like a good guy, answers reporters genuinely (albeit mostly in sports cliches) and he's really animated on the sidelines, which is something his teammates respect immensely. In fact, in a world of me-first athletes, Tebow is the perfect example of what today's youth should aspire to be like.


Well, excluding the "Holier Than Thou" routine. Look, we get it, you like God. Enough. Pray on your own time. Move on.

But is Tebow a wolf in sheep's clothing? Is he actually the anti-Christ as described in the bible? It's easy to dismiss this notion as the ramblings of a mad man (which I probably am) ... however, the kids over at Barstool Sports Boston make an interesting argument that Tebow does indeed have "a few eerie similarities to that certain biblical super-villain."

Check it out: Could Tim Tebow Really Just Be the Anti-Christ?

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