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It’s all about Cos and effect

Bill Cosby’s wife is going to have his head sawed open after he dies. At least that’s what she told him recently.

Bill Cosby’s wife is going to have his head sawed open after he dies. At least that’s what she told him recently.

“We’re on our way to the airport and they’re doing construction and I hear that air hammer, the one that’s like an electric toothpick, but held by a human being, going GRRGGRR!!!” he says, trying to mimic the sound. “I said to my wife, ‘you know, that’s probably the only sound, other than the cuckoo clock, that has not changed.’”

This quick comic analysis is what prompted Mrs. Cosby to consider some post-mortem investigating of how her husband’s mind works. Why a cuckoo clock?

At 73, the mind of the Cos works just fine, as a 40-minute conversation reveals his idea on what “Walden” was about, his distaste for smoking in public places and his appreciation for Twitter.

“I love it, because to me it’s electronic fan mail,” he says. “Now with the tweeting and twitting, you can read a question, which by the way, with the limited amount of figures, you don’t get five pages until you get to the, ‘I was wondering if you could loan me $240,000 so I won’t lose my house.’”

Write until it’s funny

Cosby says he’s aware of his tendency to be preachy when it comes to his messages, and he works to elevate his messages to a humorous level.

“I’m working on a piece that I don’t feel funny about, and I will continue to write until I feel it is,” he says. “It’s about people asking the question, ‘Where did we go wrong in the parenting?’ See, I have to make that response so it’s funny. I don’t want to hold an anti-my-child rally. I want people laughing and saying, ‘you know, that’s true!’”

With expository dis-cussion like this, maybe his wife doesn’t need to saw his head open to see what’s going on in there.

“I don’t care, man, as long as I don’t feel it,” he says; and then after a perfect pause adds, “GRRGGRRR!!!”

Malcolm in the middle

On a recent episode of “Community,” Malcolm-Jamal Warner played the husband of one of the lead characters. The actor, who is probably best known for playing Theo Huxtable, the only son of Cosby’s character on “The Cosby Show,” appeared wearing a very colorful sweater, not unlike the Cos’ fashion trademark. When Joel McHale’s character complimented him on his wardrobe choice, Warner thanked him and said, “My dad gave it to me.”

Cosby was watching at home and loved it.

“I thought that was wonderful and I thought that was a very quiet message of saying hello to me,” says Cosby.

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