It’s a new season for the Celtics’ Big Three.

This time around, though, they have a little bit more help.

The C’s boast one of the NBA’s deepest lineups after the additions of Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal and Delonte West.

That’s good, because most of these guys are old enough to be your dad — or in this team’s case, your crazy uncle.

It’s obvious the C’s know how to have fun. They showed it last season, and Shaq took it to a new level this year. But now it’s time for business. This Green team was assembled to win a championship — nothing less.

After falling one game short last season, they say they’re ready to go.

“We have to go out there and do it, regardless of what we put on paper or put out on the court,” Paul Pierce said. “It’s not going to be given to us and we saw that in the regular season last year.

“Teams are not just going to lay down because you see Shaquille O’Neal, [Kevin] Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen. They’re not going to lay down.”

The Celts will host the new-look Miami Heat in tonight’s opener. The Heat is another team with a target on its back after assembling a Big Three of its own — Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

The C’s realize the Heat will be a force in the league, but they aren’t going to put too much into this one game.

After all, the assumption is they’re going to be meeting again in the postseason.

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