Get ready for "The Green Goblin" to make his mark on the Eagles' secondary.

Evan Macy

Jalen Mills has been impressive in minicamps during his brief stint as an undrafted free agent on the Eagles roster. He's vying for a spot at the Eagles' loaded cornerback position.

And while the competition will be difficult as training camp gets under way — he'll compete for an opportunityagainst the likes of Eric Rowe, JaCorey Shephard, Ron Brooks and others — Mills, a former LSU TIger, is going all-in to make the Eagles. Just look in his general direction when he removes his helmet. It's hard to miss.

"It was joking, one of my friends, it was a joke and I actually came through and I actually kind of liked it," Mills said, when telling reporters of the origin of his green hair. "I will keep it for sure."

The hair color is no doubt an impulse that will endear him to Eagles fans andMills has been collecting a few humorous nicknames this week, the first of six he'll spend trying to make the 53-man roster.


"Green Goblin, the Joker. I have heard Lime Green Skittle, Starburst. I have gotten an ear full," Mills joked.

His hair is funny. The arduous trek he'll need to take to become an NFL player when Sept. 11 arrives is no laughing matter.

"There's great depth there, I thinkthe addition of Jalen Mills brings some good competition there," head coach Doug Pederson said of the competition at cornerback. "We have Ron Brooks sitting over there, Nolan [Carroll III]is coming off an injury — I expect him to fully competeat that spot. It's goingto be a positionwe continue to look at and evaluate in camp. It's nice to have so many guys at one position to evaluate."

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