There is only one way this will work out well for Jason Terry.

The Celtics must win the NBA title during the next three years (the length of Terry's Boston contract) or else he will look like a complete fool.

In case you haven't heard, Terry (again) got the Larry O'Brien trophy tattooed on his arm, but this time, the trophy is accompanied by the Celtics' no-chance-in-hell-you-can-miss-it logo.

Of course, this isn't the first time Terry has done this. In 2010, Terry had the NBA's championship trophy inked on his other arm. A few months later, the Mavericks won the title.


It's safe to say that the first time around was an innocent thing. Every basketball player dreams of winning the title and Terry could have gotten away with it even if Dallas never captured a ring.

But to go so far as to get your new team's logo on your arm? Now that's dedication. There is absolutely no way to smudge that Leprechaun.

So Terry will either once again prove to be a basketball Nostradamus or he will be the 65-year-old guy at the beach with the sad, depressing tattoo in 2043. The Celtics are Terry's new girlfriend. If it doesn't end in bliss, then things will start to get really awkward.

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