Seaside Heights, N.J., was barely recognizable in the face of Hurricane Sandy, and no one saw that better than the stars of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Sandwiched between tweets about the best DJ Pauly D Halloween costumes and the Pauly D headphones came this tweet from a dejected Pauly D:

Snooki tweeted a photo of a duct-tape purse she made and got reflective:


Ronnie couldn’t resist a crack at the ladies:

Then, though, things got serious:

When the going gets tough, The Situation breaks out the Playstation:

JWoww was in a state of shock about what she saw:

As was Sammi:

Vinny showed respect to Seaside's police department:

Deena Tweeted that her house is inland (though close to the shore) before she lost power:

Annnnnd quite wisely, Angelina took to blow-drying her hair in the sink, in a hurricane:

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