1. A chance to see the starters


Traditionally, the third preseason game is where NFL teams roll out their starters past halftime and give them a true, extended run.


This game, more than the previous two, is a chance to gauge how far both teams have come.


“On third down, the execution’s not where it needs to be. Part of that is too many third-and-longs,” Giants quarterback Eli Manning said.


Jets head coach Rex Ryan wants to see his team cut down on penalties, while Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez mirrored Manning’s concerns.

2. Aaron Ross receives a larger role

Given all the injuries in the Giants’ secondary, Big Blue is now relying on versatile defensive back Aaron Ross to play a larger role.

Ross, who has played safety, could play either inside or outside cornerback for a defense that has been decimated at nearly every position.

Against a talented, veteran Jets wide receiving corps, Ross will get the chance to sink or swim and show if he is fully recovered from an injury to his plantar fascia last year.

3. Much ado about Plaxico Burress

If you’re sick of hearing about Plaxico Burress facing his old teammates on Saturday night, you’re not alone.

But the real story isn’t Burress going against the Giants. It should be about his progress after a two-year layoff from football.

“I’m more concerned about me going out, just playing better and getting better as a player. It’s a preseason game,” Burress said.