For NFL teams, stopping the Wildcat can be a confusing task that involves having to read and respond to multiple threats in terms of running and passing the ball. It can be just as mystifying to prepare for.

Every week, the Jets' opposition will have to prepare for a Wildcat that could be featured as a good chunk of their offense. Since the package isn’t widespread in the NFL, it is something that defenses specifically have to gear themselves to get ready to stop when they face the Jets.

Already, it seems to be causing a sense of bewilderment from the Jets' opponent on Sunday, who don’t know what to expect.

“Yeah we’re getting ready for everything,” Bills defensive end Mario Williams said. “We know we’re going to see it but you can’t really devote — you can’t over-emphasize something — because you could be over-emphasizing the wrong thing. I’m pretty sure they’re going to have some tricks up their sleeves as far as changing their stuff, or coming out like this or that. So it’s one of those things where like I said you concentrate on certain things you think they might do and then run with that because you can’t over-emphasize something you haven’t seen them do officially on a Sunday night.”


The Jets have a player in Tebow with an unconventional skill set. He also has the ability to be dangerous carrying the ball, with his large frame proving difficult for defenders to tackle.

The Jets played their cards close to their chest during preseason, not running a single Wildcat play as part of their offense. All of Tebow’s rushing yards during the exhibition schedule came out of the conventional offense or from broken plays meaning that Bills head coach Chan Gailey has no idea what to expect on Sunday.

“You don’t know exactly what his role is going to be. He’s certainly a very good athlete and has been productive as a quarterback. He can do a lot of things for you as a football player,” Gailey said. “He’s proven to be a winner. He gives them a lot of options. I don’t know if they will limit him or create a big package for him.”

Count Tebow among those who doesn’t know just how much the Wildcat will be utilized in Week 1 and beyond. He doesn’t know how many snaps or how much he’ll be used, or at least he’s not giving it away.

“When they say go in,” Tebow said when asked about his expected role against the Bills.

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