Syracuse fans are hiding this week.Getty Images

In the end, we’ll overlook Jim Boeheim’s unlawfulness.

Just last month, the Vegas strip dimmed the lights when the NCAA’s eternal enemy, Jerry Tarkanian, passed away and the lateTark’s shadiness was celebrated - across the board - by the sports world. Who doesn’t like a rebel, after all?

John Calipari, who got to where he is today by being the Sultan of Sanctions, is having a jersey retired in his honor by UMass next season. No doubt, Amherst, Massachusetts yearns for Cal’s sketchiness.

So now, it’s Boeheim’s turn to be put through the vacated wins wringer. The thing that sucks for Boeheim is that he’ll be 71-years-old by the time he’s done serving his nine-game suspension. There’s really not much time here for a UConn-style bounce-back championship.


Poop really hit the fan for Boeheim this past Saturday when NC State fans were singing the hook to the Village People’s “YMCA” when Boeheim’s team had possession of the ball in a 71-57 Orange loss to the Wolfpack, and Boeheim didn’t do himself any favors by refusing to meet with the media after the game.

“He doesn’t want to answer ‘No comment,’” Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins said about Boeheim’s absence at something resembling a postgame press conference.

So, if you hate Syracuse and their countless media alums, get your digs in now. Because when Boeheim retires in a few years, all will be forgiven. In college sports - as always - if you ain’t cheatin’ you aint’ tryin.’

Go! Fight! Win ... a lawsuit!

At my high school, there was always this big debate as to whether or not cheerleading was a sport. I was always of the opinion that if golf is considered a sport, and bowling is considered a sport, then cheerleading – remember, they often throw each other in the air AND make human pyramids - should be as well. (Plus, if you’re a heterosexual teenage male, what exactly is the point of pissing off 15-20 of the top female talent your school has to offer?)

Know this: Cheerleaders do it for the love of the game. Because there is zero financial gain to be had. The NFL’s Raiderettes had to scratch and claw in court just to earn $9 per hour for all cheerleading activities last year and last week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders settled with the team for $825,000 for working events without pay. While that sounds like a win, that $825 grand will go rather quickly after lawyers fees and after dispersing it to the 94 cheerleaders involved in the suit.

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