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Joe Namath critical of Jets

Safe to say, Joe Namath doesn’t want to kiss anyone right now.

Safe to say, Joe Namath doesn’t want to kiss anyone right now.

The New York Jets legend and Hall of Famer was in rare form on Sunday night with his tweets, not only wrongly predicting a fumble call on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkwoski in the second quarter, but also getting a bit livid at his former team. After Jets safety Eric Smith had a facemask call in the second quarter to get the Patriots into the red zone, Namath tweeted “If we lose tonight I quit.”

Two plays later, the Patriots went up 13-9 on an 18-yard Tom Brady touchdown pass to Gronkowski.

Namath’s form got better. With fans tweeting their disbelief that Broadway Joe was set to turn his back on the team where he became an icon, he backed off his original comments. At halftime Namath went into spin control, tweeting that “I only quit smoking, dipping and drinking. I'll never quit on the Jets.”

At no point did he say anything about quitting tweeting.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Namath opened the third quarter with “LETS GO TEAM!!!”And after his Jets were down 23-9 late in the third quarter, Namath tweeted out “Hey, we're NOT out of this! 2 TDs down, a quarter and 4+ min to play. JETS NEED TO PLAY BETTER. Plenty of time!”

Namath has been critical of the Jets this season, including picking a fight with head coach Rex Ryan.

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