Upon finishing third in New Hampshire, a state he practically lived in he spent so much time there, things weren't looking too good for GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman. However, after a recent poll showed Huntsmen trailing behind comedian Stephen Colbert in South Carolina -- well, things are looking just a little worse for him.

According to a poll by Public Policy Polling, 5% voters in the Palmetto State put the Comedy Central anchor, a non-candidate, as their top choice, while the former ambassador to China trailed behind at just 4%.

Colbert is a South Carolina native, which might have earned him some South Carolina street-cred. And granted, many of Colbert’s supporters and fans may just be futzing around and not taking the poll seriously. But still, for a professional politician like Huntsman, who has been campaigning for president for months -- the horizon ain't looking too bright.

Perhaps, the Huntsmen can be comforted by the fact that he's not the only casualty of the 'Colbert Nation'.


The South Carolina GOP nearly took the comedian seriously upon his offer of “a sizable donation” if they were to add a question to the ballot asking those polled if they believe “corporations are people” or if “only people are people,” mocking Mitt Romney who claimed “corporations are people” in Iowa last year. The donation, and the question, eventually fell through.

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