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Kim Wallace at left. Getty Images

The NBA Finals are routinely inundated with one particular set of commercials. For several years it was the ABC show “Wipeout” that got the nod. Some years it was, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” This year, it’s the Kardashian Clan and Kanye West who are in our faces just as much as Steph and LeBron. As if we don't see enough of them on every other network throughout the year.

West will appear with the Kardashians and other family members and friends this Sunday night on Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey. ABC has run Celebrity Family Feud around the NBA Finals before, but not with this amount of star power.

One person on Team Kanye is someone you may not recognize, however. While many have mistaken the woman to the left of Kim Kardashian on Team Kanye as Kanye’s sister – it is not. Her name is Kim Wallace and she is listed in multiple places as Kanye’s aunt (though Kanye’s mother Donda’s obituary reads as if she is actually Kanye’s cousin).

The two males on Team Kanye are his cousins, Jalil Pereza and Ricky Anderson. Kanye is an only child and does not have any siblings, which explains a whole lot.


Here are more pics of Kim Wallace.


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