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Kerry Rhodes called Louisville's thrashing of Florida State

Kerry Rhodes just knew it would be ugly Saturday.Getty Images

Perhaps Kerry Rhodes is up for a trip to Las Vegas this weekend, or at the very least available to pick some numbers for Powerball. The former New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals safety was downright prophetic about the Louisville versus Florida State game this past Saturday.

In an interview with TMZ, Rhodes predicted a big day for his alma mater against No. 2 Florida State and that quarterback Lamar Jackson would have a breakout performance. In the 63-20 win, Jackson threw for 216 yards and a touchdown while running for 146 yards and four touchdowns. He instantly became the Heisman front-runner.

A TMZ interview a day before the game saw Rhodes predict this balling out from Jackson, with the former NFL star referring to the Cardinals quarterback as “the real deal.”

“He’s going to kill Florida State next week,” Rhodes said in the interview.


“He’s good, he’s good. Watch the game on Saturday, he’s gonna step it up.”

Rhodes was a former first round pick out of Louisville and a 2006 All-Pro selection as a member of the Jets.

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