Latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns Ravens
Dez Bryant is still looking for a landing spot. Getty Images

The Patriots rarely fall in line with conventional thinking when it comes to these things, but Bill Belichick may have no other choice if another receiver goes down with an injury. There is a clear need at wide receiver for the Pats with Julian Edelman set to miss the first four weeks of the NFL season and Jordan Matthews now on the unemployment line. Here is the latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns Ravens buzz. Matthews was getting plenty of buzz as a potential top target for Tom Brady as recently as a week ago but as the Patriots are wont to do, they do not hang onto players in fear of bad PR. Releasing a player like Matthews just months after signing him is a bad look and a waste of money, but the Patriots clearly do not care about outside perception if they believe it is the right move going forward.

In addition to Edelman being out to start the season and Matthews being gone, the Patriots are currently dealing with injuries to Kenny Britt (hamstring) and Malcolm Mitchell (knee). It is imperative that the Patriots get off to a decent start to the season given their schedule. They will see Deshaun Watson and the Texans in Week 1, followed by the Jaguars and their terrific defense, and they will then face Matt Patricia and the Lions in Week 3. Dates with the Pats kryptonite Chiefs and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers loom soon after that. The following takes a look at the latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns and Ravens chatter.


Latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns Ravens

Bringing a receiver of Dez Bryant's caliber onto the squad would also help show Tom Brady that the Patriots are all-in on the 2018 season. Brady was none too happy when Belichick and the Patriots let Danny Amendola walk out the door to Miami, and there was that rumor that he was ready to retire when the Pats were entertaining a Rob Gronkowski trade. Brady has always said the right things publicly when it comes to curious receiver personnel moves over the years, but it sure seems as if he's reached the breaking point. Bringing a player like Dez Bryant could potentially go a long way in getting Brady and Belichick back on the same page.

Latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns Ravens buzz


All that said, the Patriots are far from the favorites to land Dez. The Ravens have again become the favorites to land the wide receiver with +350 odds ( Bryant turned down Baltimore several months ago, but the team remains interested. The Browns remain a possibility but that likely would not transpire for several more weeks. Bryant is anticipating that a top of the line receiver will go down to injury during the preseason - it happens every year of course - and that there will suddenly be a real market for his services. We look at the latest NFL Rumors Dez Bryant Patriots Browns Ravens buzz here.

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