Dennis Thurman Dennis Thurman has been accused in an assault.
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Dennis Thurman is innocent of hitting a woman in a Morristown, New Jersey bar last month, according to a report compiled by a law firm hired by the Jets defensive coordinator.

Not surprisingly, the law firm defending the coach found him at no fault and slammed the accuser's past, which includes what they call “a criminal history.”


In a report released early Thursday afternoon entitled “Investigation Finds Allegations Against Coach Thurman 'Completely Baseless,'” McCusker, Anselmi, Rosen & Carvelli, P.C. cleared him of hitting a woman in a bar last month.

A police report was filed by the woman, Jessie Steinberg, who alleges Thurman flirted with her at a bar called Pazzo Pazzo and when she showed no interest in his advances, "out of nowhere, Thurman slapped her across the face."

The report claims that after a thorough review of the alleged incident, including talking with witnesses and reviewing security camera tape, all evidence confirms Thurman's point “that the incident did not happen.”

“I'm comfortable with it; I'm happy with it,” Thurman said of the firm's report Thursday at minicamp. “So it speaks for itself."

In the release, attorney Patricia Prezioso said:

“Mr. Thurman was shocked by this allegation and unequivocally denies it. Thankfully several people came forward to provide information confirming its falsity. One of the witnesses specifically told us that he observed Mr. Thurman at the time the photos were taken, and that Mr. Thurman was merely waving his hand as in a dismissive gesture while he stood well beyond his reach from the women and never slapped anyone.”

The report also said the accuser, Steinberg, is currently on one-year probation for a previous incident where she filed a fictitious police report.

Thurman joined the Jets in 2009, coming along with head coach Rex Ryan, who he had worked with in Baltimore since 2002. Thurman was defensive backs coach until last season, when he took over as defensive coordinator.

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