Back and forth we go.

As the NFL and its players continue to feud, the league asked a federal judge to keep the lockout in place. In a 57-page filing, the NFL has accused its players of trying to manipulate the law with a bogus antitrust lawsuit. Several players are quoted — by name — in the document.

“We decertified so that we could fight them from locking us out and go back to work. And we feel like … we can still negotiate this anytime you want,” said Jeff Saturday, the vice-president of the NFLPA said in a March 12 interview.

Right on cue, the players — led by Patriots QB Tom Brady — filed an antitrust lawsuit yesterday against the NFL. Last week, the players formally made a request for a hearing to stop the lockout. That is scheduled for April 6.

The NFL said that any decision on a lockout must wait until the National Labor Relations Board rules on an unfair labor practice charge.

Are you confused yet? This thing is just getting started, folks.

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