LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors
Kevin Durant is leaving the door open for next summer. Getty Images

A year ago at this time it was already being floated that LeBron James had his eyes set on Los Angeles with the Lakers. Now we could be seeing seeds planted that Kevin Durant wants to join LeBron at Staples Center with LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors growing. LeBron and Durant have been making kissy faces at one another for the better part of a year now as LeBron picked Durant No. 1 overall in the All-Star game draft and was fawning over him throughout that weekend. This past week, Durant went out of his way to give LeBron props for his decision to land with the Lakers.

"I thought it was the perfect decision, the perfect move," Durant told The Undefeated. "[LeBron] did everything you're supposed to do in Cleveland, the perfect next step for him. He's kind of breaking down the barriers of what an NBA superstar is supposed to be. You feel like you're supposed to just play it out in one spot. I think he did a good job of giving you different chapters. And it's going to make his book more interesting when it's done."

Now that is one hell of a quote. It's clear that Durant loves that LeBron takes full advantage of his own circumstances and that the full power is in the hands of superstar players now, not teams. He loves that LeBron is now on his fourth stop in the NBA.


LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors: KD to leave Warriors?

Make no mistake, there is a reason that Durant is doing these one year contract deals with the Warriors. He wants to keep his options open. This past week in Las Vegas Durant discussed his year by year approach with  The Athletic's Anthony Slater.


"I just felt like that was the right thing to do for me," Durant said of signing another one year deal. "We know our power [as players]. We know our control. We just try to do what's best for us, more so than anything. We put the work in. Our skills show on the court every night so we can kind of dictate how we want our lives to go at this point. 

"I'll approach it like I always do," Durant said when asked specifically about next year's free agency decision. "Get ready for the cap and take it one day at a time."

LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors Warriors

Durant is obviously the type of guy who likes to keep many doors ajar considering how quickly things can change over the course of 12 months in the NBA. FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd touched on this topic last week.

"Of course Kevin Durant liked what LeBron did because Kevin Durant is like about half of America. He's incredibly comfortable with change," Cowherd said on his radio show about LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors and more. "Kevin Durant went to three different high schools, starred in all of them. He went to four places in three-and-a-half years. He grew up in D.C., went to college in Texas, drafted by Seattle and then immediately moved to Oklahoma City. His high school graduation to his second year in the NBA … four places. He thrived in all of them. 

"This is why I say the Warriors dynasty is much closer to the end than it is to the beginning or middle. It's really close to the end. I think they'll be in the Finals next year. I've taken the Celtics to beat them and that will create frays and fatigue and it will break up and my guess is Kevin Durant moves on."

The Lakers will again have a max slot available next summer, and according to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith LeBron has already put a bug in Durant's ear about a union in Los Angeles. In addition, LeBron and Durant were spotted at the same Los Angeles bar earlier this month, sparking LeBron Kevin Durant Lakers NBA Trade Rumors and other speculation.