Was Chip Kelly right to trade LeSean McCoy away after all?Getty Images

During LeSean McCoy's six-year tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles he did much to endear himself to local fans.

Hailing from Harrisburg, McCoy carried himself as a proud Pennsylvania native, making his home in Philly and becoming a workhorse for the Birds on the field.

He set the all-time mark for rushing yards with the Eagles back in 2014 and aside from a minor (highly publicized) incident where he left a very small and insulting tip at a restaurant, McCoy really didn't do much to lose the trust or admiration of Philly fans.

But then Chip Kelly changed everything.


McCoy was shipped off to Buffalo (for linebacker Kiko Alonso)and things changed. He never got over the trade and poked and prodded at Kelly, insinuating he was a racist on several occasions. And given the opportunity to walk back his remarks -- alleging that the former Eagles coach favored white players -- McCoy refused to take back his words.

When the Bills came to Philly last season, the Eagles prevailed after McCoy told the media he had no intention of shaking Kelly's hand. He also refused to talk to the media after Buffalo lost the game.

In OldeCity Sunday night, McCoy became another statistic. A part of the sadly numerous mass of NFL players who can't control their tempers and who make headlines off the field.

Still in the investigation stage, the evidence suggests that McCoy and some friends brutally beat two of three off duty police officers.

It seems that even after departing the city he never wanted to leave, McCoy insists on being a part of the Philadelphia news cycle. Bills fans and McCoy fans alike can only hope the controversy does not cost the running back his career.

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