Playing a socially awkward teenage boy in the new feature film "The Inbetweeners" was nothing new for actor Blake Harrison. This is not to suggest he's an awkward teenager in real life, but that the film began life as a British television show in 2008, with Harrison playing the part of Neil. Harrison says he had a lot of fun coming back on set to play a character he knew so well, but what he says he enjoyed the most was all the attention the film has received.


"The response to it was brilliant, especially back home in Britain, and it's reached places in Australia and Europe as well, so that's been the most exciting experience really," he says.


The dynamic between his fellow "Inbetweeners" is amusing to watch onscreen, and Harrison says they share a similar friendship offscreen.


"We enjoy each other's company, and we make sure to play some sort of joke on someone all the time," he says. "There's a lot of that. There's a lot of cracking jokes here and there; it's a very unprofessional set."


Although he says he doesn't think there is anyone in the world as dumb as Neil, Harrison says he admires his boldness.


"I think I worry too much of what people think of me," he says. "I mean, that's my favorite thing about Neil and about playing Neil: He doesn't care about what people think."

Don’t look now

Harrison says he loves acting but hates watching himself on the screen.

“I hate watching what I’ve done. Like, whenever I watch myself on TV or anything like that, I start picking myself apart to the point where even if the shot is of someone else and I can see the back of my head and the side of my cheek I go ‘that was bad acting from me, you know, my cheek’s too low in that scene there.’ The amount of criticism you give yourself when watching yourself onscreen is horrible.”