Linsaity has lost its luster: Jeremy Lin merchandise selling 50% off

It's hard to sell merchandise for a team six games under .500 apparently.

While the Knicks ride a six-game losing streak, the craze over point guard Jeremy Lin has hit the skids as well.


It's hard to sell merchandise for a team six games under .500.


New York Magazine posted a photo of Jeremy Lin merchandise selling (or not selling, I guess) for 50 percent off at a New York City Duane Reade. If you were jonesing for a Jeremy Lin bumper sticker but couldn't quite pull the trigger when he was playing well, now is your chance to get one while the team's season goes down the drain!


It is, according to the photo, a "Super Buy." (Not so much a super buy for Duane Reade, which apparently ordered a bulk shipment that was a little too high.)


Since Carmelo Anthony's return to the starting rotation, Lin is averaging 16.2 points per game on 28 percent shooting. In his first eight starts, without Anthony, he was scoring 25 points per game on 33.6 percent shooting. We always knew his attempts and points would go down, but his shooting percentage is more troubling. And he's still averaging 3.9 turnovers per game in those last 10.

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