LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly will forever be associated with one another.Getty Images

Chip Kelly seemed like a dictator when he was calling the shots in South Philly. He acted like he knew what was best and did not care about anyone else's opinion.

As a coach, he failed to adapt to evolving defenses and eventually he failed and was fired.

But as a GM, maybe he wasn't as clueless as he seems.

Kelly cut loose numerous players, made questionable draft decisions and -- among a bevy of other moves -- traded Nick Foles and a second round pick for Sam Bradford. The value of his time as a GM will be evaluated constantly as he continues his coaching career in San Francisco.


But Kelly emphasized character, and culture above scheme. It is impossible to ignore, then, the fact that one of his shipped-off players could be in trouble with the law.

He jettisoned DeSean Jacksonafter his first season in Philly much tothe chagrin of Birds' fans. There were allegations, that have not been proven, that Jackson had gang ties.He also, in an equally shocking move, traded LeSeanMcCoy to the Bills for Kiko Alonso last season.

McCoy was allegedly involved in an altercation Sunday that injured undercover cops. Was McCoy a ticking time bomb that Kelly was concerned about exploding? Or did the coach really, truly want to move McCoy to pick up a linebacker and to free cap space to sign DeMarco Murray (who Kelly barely used)?

Looking at the numbers, McCoy struggled to stay healthy but outperformed Murray on the field when he was able to play. Clearly Shady was a better fit for the Kelly system than Murray. But yet, Kelly made the decision to take the former Cowboy over the Eagles' all time leading rusher.

On twitter, the pro and anti-Kelly (and McCoy) factions have been vocal all day long, with some even suggesting Kelly is happy with the arrest -- as it affirms his decision.

The thin line of racism is again at play, just as it was when Kelly was accused (by McCoy) of favoring white players and not being able to really mesh with his black ones.

Even if McCoy is found to be innocent, or not to have been involvedthere will continue to be chirping about the former Eagles head coach and his decisions in past seasons.From a football perspective, they really did not make sense. But from a character standpoint... stay tuned.

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