Just call him the “Matchmaker.”

One week after Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was serenaded with chants of “Lolo” by his teammates once he entered the locker room, center Nick Mangold answered questions outside his locker on Thursday, wearing a short that poked fun at Tebow and the Olympic hurdler. Lolo, who recently admitted she is still a virgin at 29-years-old, has been linked to Tebow through Twitter and has embraced the chatter.

“Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no then no more Tebow date suggestions,” the multiracial Jones tweeted last week.

True to form, Mangold responded with a t-shirt on Thursday that read “He prefers chocolate milk @LoloJones.”


Mangold wouldn’t confirm who made the shirt, although it was pretty clear given his involvement baiting Jones on Twitter, along with his reputation as a prankster, that the Jets Pro Bowl center was the mastermind.

“I feel like I’ve gone overboard,” Mangold said, though he was clearly enjoying the moment.

“I can’t reveal my sources,” Mangold said. “I commissioned [it]. It was commissioned just like a navy ship.”

Mangold, whose sister is part of the Olympic weightlifting team, has never met Jones. That won’t stop him from finding the humor.

“That makes it funnier,” Mangold said. “Hence the humor side.”

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