Peyton Manning raised up an orange Broncos jersey yesterday and ushered in a new chapter. Tim Tebow’s chapter, not even half-written, is officially over.


“I’m very excited to begin the next chapter of my playing career with the Denver Broncos,” Manning said.


Manning inked a five-year, $96 million deal Tuesday with Denver. He’ll reportedly make $18 million for the 2012 season and retain his trademark No. 18 jersey. There is an injury clause in the contract, which protects the Broncos in case Manning’s neck isn’t 100 percent. He has 10 days to pass a team physical and if he re-injures it during the 2013 season, the Broncos are off the books in 2014.


“I realize I don’t have 14 years left, by any means,” Manning said. “This isn’t something where I’m just building a foundation to do something in two years or three years. This is a ‘now’ situation. We’re going to do whatever we can to win right now. That’s all I’m thinking about right now.”


Tebow to Jets?

Denver is attempting to trade Tebow and Jacksonville, Green Bay, Miami and the New York Jets have all inquired about his services.

ESPN?reported the Jets “are a long shot at best,” according to a league source. In a conference call to announce the signing of LaRon Landry yesterday general manager Mike Tannenbaum wouldn’t comment on Tebow, but said the team was set at quarterback after signing Drew Stanton to back up Sanchez. Greg McIlroy would be the third-string quarterback.

Multiple sources are reporting the Jets are interested, but cornerback Antonio Cromartie is apparently not high on the idea. Cromartie tweeted “We don’t need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami.”