This was supposed to be the season that Mark Sanchez would grow and develop into an elite quarterback.

Sanchez has been surrounded by as much star talent as any quarterback in the league in his two years playing within the system. The Jets quarterback was supposed to start leading this team with his play.

But as Sunday night’s loss at M&T Bank Stadium showed, he is not yet the “Sanchise.” Not even close.

“I mean, he struggled mightily. There’s no question about it — he had a 30.5 rating,” head coach Rex Ryan said. “It wasn’t his best day, but he’s our quarterback and I believe in him.”


Ryan continues to believe Sanchez is a player who can elevate this team, but right now he can’t. He is still very much a system quarterback and when the team’s flaws are exposed, he isn’t a good enough player to rise up and carry the team quite yet.

“I think we just wanted to get him to try and beat us in this game. Once we knew they were going to start passing, we just pinned our ears back and tried to get to him as fast as we could,” defensive tackle Haloti Ngata said. “I think we rattled him and got him off his mark, and we were able to make plays off of him.”

The Ravens stated that they wanted to get after Sanchez and rattle him, something they did on the first play of the Jets’ opening drive when safety Ed Reed hit Sanchez on the blindside, forcing a fumble and getting a fast seven points on the board for the Ravens.

“Obviously, there are some things that need to change — they have to change. It’s evident,” wide receiver Derrick Mason said. “Until we identify the cracks, we’re going to keep having the same problems.”

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