McGregor Mayweather Fight Rematch UFC
Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather could lock horns again in the UFC. Getty Images

A Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight rematch may be in the cards in 2018, this time in a UFC cage.


Mayweather has repeatedly said that he’s done fighting, but he’s also repeatedly said over the years that he’ll do anything for a monster pay day. He’s not called “Money” Mayweather for nothing, after all.


Mayweather’s “Money” image took a big hit recently as the Las Vegas Review revealed that the fighter owes the IRS a whopping $22 million in back taxes. Yes, Mayweather made $300 million in his fight against McGregor on Saturday night, but – ya know – that’s going to be taxed too.


Expect McGregor to start pushing for a fight against McGregor in a UFC Octagon soon. He’s been eerily silent since the fight, not tweeting since Aug. 25, but it’s easy to envision him “kickin’ it on some beach somewhere in the Carribean” –Butch Coolidge-style right now.


He’ll be hounded by questions of a rematch soon enough, and you can bet he’ll respond with something along the lines of, “Sure, but let’s see how he fares inside the cage?”


The lure of being able to see McGregor tee off on the hated Mayweather in his own yard of a UFC cage would surely get as big or even a bigger purse than the blockbuster we saw last Saturday night in Vegas.

Mayweather left the door open a crack himself on Saturday night, saying, “If I see an opportunity to make $300 million or $350 million in 36 minutes, why not?”

McGregor has the type of history where he might take $1 million and give Mayweather the rest just to dominate him inside a cage.

Just two years ago we never thought we would have seen McGregor – Mayweather I. McGregor – Mayweather II might actually be a better bet.