Eagles, fans, not, happy, with, Matt Burke, Philly
Eagles fans did not hold back in voicing their displeasure with the Matt Burke column. Getty Images

The backlash from Philly fans regarding my "Philly is Loser-ville" column this past Monday was swift, overwhelming and intense. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Here are some of the best (and worst) comments I received via Twitter and email.


I just read your article about how Boston 'reigns supreme' over Philadelphia. However that statement is full of lies.  The Patriots are full of players who sold their soul to the Devil,  and we can't forget about Deflate Gate.  If you think these qualities male you better than a team of hardworking, honest people then you must be insane.  Which frankly, to think the Patriots are the best you are. I hope to see your crying face when the Eagles take the win. If they don't we all know the Patriots have the devil on their side.


- A 13-year-old Proud Eagles Fan




Hi Matt,

I saw your article you wrote about Philly and our sports history, and I have to say I found it offensive and in poor taste. Have you ever even been to Philadelphia or is this just your biased view based on stories you've heard about our fandom? I guarantee if you actually went to our great city and spent some time in it and actually talking to our fans, you'd learn a lot. I work with journalists every day as part of my job and I can honestly say this is one of the most unprofessionally written pieces I've ever read. 

You slander an entire city and fan base unfairly without actually knowing anything about people from Philadelphia. What you wrote elitist and you should be ashamed of the way you look down on a city full of hard working people, many of which I'm sure have had a much harder life than you. Check your privilege. 

As someone who's lived in Boston for almost 11 years, I can honestly say I've received more threats of violence against me here than I've ever seen happen while at events inPhilly

If you have any journalistic integrity you'll redact your article, and I highly suggest you actually visit the city you call "Loser-ville" and actually get to know its people before you start bashing it.

I hope you'll do the right thing.



Hi Matt,

I read your article in the Metro regarding Philly. I am a life time resident of Philadelphia, born and raised here and a life long fan of all the Philly sports teams. Someone shared your article with me.    I do not understand why colors, beaches and pools have anything to do with the Superbowl. And by the way, why don't you come to Philadelphia and actually learn about the culture and the history so you can get your facts right.  Everything you stated about the people of Philadelphia is really far fetched fiction. Your article seems very angry, and that is sad. 

Best of luck to your Patriots in the Super Bowl! May the best team win! 


Ellen H., Horsham, PA

PS By the way, I will be listening to the Super Bowl on my transistor radio while in my above ground pool filled with all my degenerate Philly friends eating cheese-steaks. 



Loved reading your article on Boston vs. Philly. However you forgot to mention the racist Boston fans who throw peanuts and crap at black athletes whenever they come to Fenway or TD Garden. That’s very classy of you guys.

You also forgot to mention how Boston Pizza sucks. 




Dear Mr. Burke:

Just wondering where do you get the idea that my beautiful city of Philadelphia is inferior to Boston? Have you ever been to Philadelphia? 

I’ve been up to Boston, Cape Cod as my son went to college in Providence and is now living in Boston. Get your facts straight Mr. Burke, our Jersey beaches are quite clean and have been highly rated nationally. Have you ever been to Cape May, I think not? I would rather lay on soft sand in southern New Jersey and go into an ocean and not worry about getting bit by a great white shark! 

Your rudeness in putting Philadelphia down between our food, our beloved teams and our culture of this city, and our looks is quite uncalled for. You call yourself a journalist? I think not. 

I always loved visiting my son up in Boston and I would think that most New Englanders would not be small-minded as you. Keep up the negativity and karma will bite you in the ass. 

The Eagles will win the Super Bowl because I believe in this team and in destiny.  See I can write an email without negativity about a sports team, the city or the people that live in the city. 

I’m taking this personal because every time I came up to Boston or Providence I had a wonderful experience. Your article was uncalled for and shame on this newspaper for publishing it. 

Talk about sports but don’t be rude about the people that live in Philly. 

You clueless, small-minded person.

Eagles will beat the Patriots on Sunday. And yes we will have one Super Bowl under our belt and this will only be the beginning of our dynasty. 

E A G L E S!


A very proud Philadelphian


And now, some tweets:

Hilarious, Boston by far the douchiest group of people ever. - @EricDE208

So bad. They will see in Sun who the looser is. - @merrippa

Boston pizza sucks. Don't try and tell me otherwise. - @patrickstacy4

Please, we don't have to defend ourselves against the city that was run by Whitey Bulger for four decades. - @SPYMANCE

Obviously Matt Burk and his chubby cheeks is expected from the stats contributing to their healthiest city ranking. - @Lopper11

Boston really is a useless city. It does everything worse than every other major city. All bars close at like 1:30. No night life. Very unpleasant smell downtown. Very boring city. - @paulbensonsucks

I actually think this is funny. Obviously trying to start something. He doesn't even have our sports teams colors correct so obviously he doesn't know what he's talking about. And we have tons of ny license plates down on the shore. #nonothing #majorfail - @antroe

Another proud graduate of Trump University School of Journalism - @TedMillstein

I'd say FU but I am too classy for that. Oh wait, I guess I just did. - @Kvanhorn87