Will the Celtics be able to create their own super team? (Credit/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Sports Editor Evan Macy: Ummm, guys what does this mean? 

New York Sports Editor Joe Pantorno: Ummmmm

Evan: Good lord I just read it. If they get Hayward first they can make the cap work, and they want both.


Joe: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Evan: Ainge plan was a big swing after all, huh?

Boston Sports Editor Matt Burke: Oh ya, he's the definition of go big or go home. He's said before he's willing to gamble on trading for a superstar player in the last year of his deal. Risky as hell.

Evan: So thats … Horford — George — Hayward — Thomas — Bradley/Smart.

Matt: I think they can win the East with that lineup. Win a game against Golden State.

Evan: It's small, but so are the Warriors and Cavs.

Matt: Yes.

Evan: It's pretty much four forwards and Thomas.

Joe: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Matt: Hayward is 6-8, George is 6-9. Not ridiciously small.

Joe: That's a tasty lineup.

Evan: Basically this will put them in luxury tax hell for a while.

Matt: Hayward is a decent rebounder.

Evan: So, if George leaves, they cant sign someone else right? Because Hayward would put them at the cap and a trade to get George would let them eclipse it.

Matt: Basically. There were rumors that they'll be able to get a three-year extension for George, but I doubt that.

Evan: I mean if they get to the finals, I can't see him leaving for the Lakers after that.

Matt: Absolutely.

Evan: Plus he could de be the guy in Boston. Everyone else is sort of a really good role player.

Matt: Ya, that's the only reason why I think he would stay. If LeBron goes to the Lakers next summer, he's a ring chaser like Durant.

Joe: Can we say that with the Warriors existing right now?

Evan: I mean Joe has a point, going to a worse team to chase a ring?

Matt: You're joining LeBron. Yes, that's ring chasing.

Evan: Maybe Carmelo will sign for veteran minimum with Sixers. Lets just have four super teams: BOS, PHL, LAL, GS.

Matt: I'm game. Two great teams in the East and two great teams in the West. Perfect balance.

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