Michael Vick Michael Vick will be Geno Smith's backup to begin the 2014 season.
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Michael Vick will call in to Mike Francesa's radio show on WFAN this upcoming Tuesday, but anything else beyond his first appearance remains to be seen.

A team source tells Metro New York that Vick will be on the airwaves with Francesa, the popular afternoon host on WFAN. Earlier this week, Francesa announced Vick would be doing a weekly radio spot every Tuesday throughout the NFL season.


Metro can confirm that Vick will appear on the show this upcoming Tuesday but that a regular spot is still up in the air. Most NFL contracts now include a clause managing player appearances and interviews. Since WFAN is not the flagship broadcast partner for the Jets, team management must weigh whether the player can do the weekly spot.

In a meeting with the Jets this week, team management had a discussion with Vick and said the organization has no issue with players scheduling interviews with the media. But the issue at hand is about having a weekly radio spot in season that might be a conflict in terms of time and scheduling.

Vick is looking forward to the interview on Tuesday with Francesa, the source said and he hopes it will be a great show. The interview will take place on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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