Mickey Morandini #12 Former Phillies infielder Micky Morandini is being considered for the color commentator role at Comcast Sportsnet.

He was a beloved second baseman, drafted by the Phillies back in 1988, and he has never really left.

Though the former big leaguer did spend parts of his career away from the City of Brotherly love, his heart always remained in the city, and with the Phillies.


And although he is currently under the employ of the Phillies Triple-A affiliate Lehigh Valley as an assistant coach and third base coach, Micky Morandini to got the call to make possibly make calls for a living.

It is believed that Morandini is not the only former Phillie to have received a phone call with regards to the job opening to replace the recently let go Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews Jr.

Other former Phillies players under consideration for the gig include Kevin Stocker, Ricky Bottalico and Mitch Williams.

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