Forget Derek Jeter's 3,000 hits. The Red Sox have milestones of their own coming up.

No, none of them matter that much. But they all say something about the guy chasing them.

Terry Francona: 1,000 career managerial wins (990 currently). What it says: Underappreciated in Philadelphia, Francona has become one of the game's top skippers. Of course, a $150 million payroll doesn't hurt.

Tim Wakefield: 200 career wins (198); 2,000 strikeouts with Red Sox (1,993). What it says: The knuckleballer has become the ultimate "compiler": He's good enough to stick on a 25-man roster, but it's been a decade since he's been a star. See also: Pete Rose's career hits record.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Carl Yastrzemski's No. 3 spot on the Red Sox steals list, 168 (164): What it says: After a down 2010, Ellsbury's stock is rocketing skyward. Just think: They could have traded this guy four months ago, and nobody would have said a word.

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