In recent memory, MLB spring training hats and uniforms have been dull, basic and more or less like typical warm up gear with team logos adorned on them.

But for some reason, days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to officially begin the slow acceleration toward baseball season in 2017, Major League Baseball is tantilizing for merchandising with somelegitimatelycool sptring training caps.

Our five favorites:

1. Diamondbacks: The D-Backs are a relatively recent expansion team and don't have a real throw back, per say, but their venomous snake with a baseball clinched between it's sharp teeth is the kind of awesome hat you'd create from scratch in a video game.


2. Mariners:The Mariners are another expansion team with a short span of history to call on. This seems to be very conducive to great uniform design — or at least for creativity. We love the trident hat.

3. Athletics:Back when the A's played in Philadelphia, they were called "white elephants," as a statement of doubt for the team's success. They won five world series titles in Philly and adopted the elephant with pride. Kudos for Oakland anytime they bring it back.

4. Reds:He's called Mr. Redlegs and he's as old school as it gets. His mustachedbaseball head always elicits a smile.

5. Rockies:Pride in place is behind Colorado's spring training caps, with a mountain and streaking baseball likely representing the Rockies' best offensive weapon — Coors Field.

Honorable mention:The Cubs (love the baby bears throwback), the Jays and Rangers (pride in geography), Brewers (love the glove throwback) and Rays (I guess it's a ray of light?)

All of the hats mentioned are pictured above. Those not pictured are not any different than the usual regular season caps.To see them all, visit:

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