New rules Among other new rules for the 2014 baseball season, the MLB is outlawing collisions at home plate.

After successful use of expanded instant replay in the 2013 MLB post-season, baseball’s owners unanimously approved an instant replay plan Thursday, hailed by commissioner Bud Selig as “historic.”

The new system will provide managers with one challenge per game before a second challenge is awarded, assuming their first challenge is upheld.

Once a manager is out of replay challenges, after the seventh inning, umpires will be allowed to review a play based on their own determination.


Calls at first base and at the plate will be reviewable for the first time in the history of the game.

To accommodate the new system of reviews and challenges, Major League Baseball added two entire umpiring crews to staff a replay center located in New York. Those umps will be selected on a rotational basis.

Some of the plays eligible for instant replay review include ground-rule doubles, fan interference, fair or foul in the outfield only, hit by pitch, touching a base, all tag plays and most force plays.

The new rules will also allow controversial plays to be shown on stadium Jumbotrons for the first time, following in the footsteps of the NFL.

“I am very pleased that instant replay will expand to include additional impactful plays,” Selig said in a statement. “The new system will give managers valuable recourse in potentially game-changing situations. The opportunity for our fans to see more replays in our ballparks is also an important modification that the clubs and I favored.”

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