MLB playoff predictions ... sure to go wrong

It's MLB playoff time!


World Series picks?

Answer: Giants over Tigers

By: Mark Osborne, Metro New York sports editor

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

I always felt like the Tigers would be here in the end -- they just made it a lot harder than it had to be. (Then again, I also thought the Angels would be here.) But the pitching of the Giants wins out in the end. Matt Cain is a legit ace, but don't overlook their depth.


Answer: Reds over Tigers

By: Mike Greger, Metro Philadelphia sports editor

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

As tempted as I am to predict Nationals over A's in the Series, I just can't do it. Plus, the chance of seeing Joey Votto and Miguel Cabrera in an all-out

October slugfest has me salivating. The Big Red Machine is back. Enjoy!


Answer: Reds over Yankees

By: Matt Burke, Metro Boston sports editor

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto will become household names (for a few days at least) as they take down New York and the National League will win its third straight World Series crown.



Yankees choke or Yankees revival?

Answer: Choke.

Confidence level: We’d bet it with your money

When you play in New York there are only two options -- none of that "We gave it our best garbage." You can't be confident about a team that struggled with runners in scoring position all year and has an aging starting rotation. Oh yeah, and no Mariano Rivera.


Which Josh Hamilton will show up?

Answer: The lazy one.

Confidence level: Fat chance

OK, there's a decent chance Josh Hamilton will hit a homer in every game he plays. But what was up with that dropped fly ball and reaming by Ron Washington in the finale? Someone's already looking toward a pay day.

New faces

Can you name anyone in the A’s rotation?

Answer: Um, Mark Mulder?

Confidence level: Fat chance

Pretty sure they got rid of Barry Zito, but after that I’m lost. What about the guy who yelled at A-Rod and pitched that perfect game!? He’s got to still be there! No, he isn’t? Joe Blanton? He seems to be on the Athletics in perpetuity. Fine, I give up. But they are good, I know that.

Can you name anyone in the A’s lineup?

Answer: Um, Eric Byrnes?

Confidence level: Fat chance

Seriously, this isn’t fair. They play all the way out on the West coast. How do you expect me to stay up that late? Fine, how about Coco Crisp? Yes??Oh my God, seriously? I thought Coco Crisp retired like three or four years ago.

Will Yu Darvish move the Rangers forward?

Answer: Yes.

Confidence level: We’d bet it with your money

MLB rookie — and seven-year Japanese pro — Yu Darvish is scheduled to start the wild-card play-in game on Friday. The Rangers will be a big favorite over the O’s, who Darvish has yet to pitch against this season.

Old faces

Will Chipper Jones go out on top?

Answer: No.

Confidence level: We’d bet it with your money

It would be very cool to see Braves legend and future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones ride off into the sunset Jon Elway-style with a World Series title. But those dreams rarely come true. Also, I picked the Braves to be a dissappointment this year and I’m still bitter about that.

Higher number:?Andy Pettitte’s age or Ks?

Answer: Strikeouts.

Confidence level: We’d bet it with your money

Andy Pettitte is 40 years old and had a K/9 ratio of 7.0 this season. He needs at least four starts to reach the number, maybe five or six. In other words, the Yankees will have to win two series if he’s going to do it. Why not?

Will the Derek Jeter comeback tour continue?

Answer: Yes.

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

Seriously, you’re going to bet against Derek Jeter doing well in the postseason? The captain led the majors in hits with 216 this season. He just never stops being great.?


Better shape: A-Rod or Torrie Wilson?

Answer: Torrie Wilson

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

There’s a good chance Torrie Wilson could beat Alex Rodriguez down the first-base line on an infield single. With A-Rod’s creaky knees and arthritic hip, Wilson probably needs to help him out of bed every morning. Then again, who is going to complain about that?

Off the field

Better chance of Tigers winning or Jim Leyland quitting smoking?

Answer: Tigers winning

Confidence level: We’d bet it with our money

Jim Leyland has tried to quit smoking about a hundred times. And failed every time. He’s in Barack Obama territory right now. Miguel Cabrera has a better chance of becoming a vegan than Leyland does of quitting puffing the death sticks.

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