New Celtics Kyrie Irving Flat Earth jersey T sells like hot cakes

Celtics fans will start believing the world is flat if Kyrie can up his scoring average
New, Celtics, Kyrie Irving, Flat Earth, T-shirt
Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth comments are not going to be forgotten anytime soon. Getty Images

From the snide geniuses who decked Boston sports fans out with "R. Kelly banged Gary Sheffield's mom" and "Jeter sits when he pees" T-shirts comes a new jersey T which pokes fun at Kyrie Irving's belief that the Eart is flat and not round.


At the corner of Canal Street outside of TD Garden Wednesday night was a T-shirt stand with brand new "Flat Earth 11" shirts. Irving's jersey number, obviously is 11.


Since arriving in Boston, Irving has been wishy-washy when speaking about the Flat Earth stuff. When asked by 98.5 The Sports Hub about the Flat Earth comments, Irving said he simply wanted people to have an "open conversation" about the topic and that his initial comments were "an exploitation tactic." He never denied or confirmed that he believes the Earth is flat in the interview.


Here is the T-shirt in all its glory. Photo by Matt Burke.




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