Cosmos Jimmy Mauer headed to MLS for one game

The NASL goalkeeper will make the jump to the big leagues for one game with FC Dallas.
Jimmy Mauer is on his way to FC Dallas for one game. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jimmy Mauer is going to be on the move for the New York Cosmos, headed on a loan from the NASL to MLS. But it isn’t panic time for the Cosmos, not by any stretch as the trip won’t be long.




Sources close to the situation tell Metro that Mauer is headed on a one-game loan from the reigning NASL champions to FC Dallas in MLS. The move is not a loan or a long-term deal the source said but rather is merely cover for FC Dallas who have lost goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez to the United States national team and Gold Cup action.




The loan is only for a game the source said.


Mauer, once with the New York Red Bulls in the 2011 preseason, has etched out quite a nice career with the Cosmos. He’s been the team’s starter since 2014 and had a combined 23 shutouts over the past two seasons.

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