Damon Harrison. (Photo: Getty Images)

All too often when an NFL player takes to social media and disagrees with a general manager…well…the story doesn't end too well. In this case, Damon Harrison was sticking up for his GM and offering himself and his teammates the full share of the blame for a season of struggles.




New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese was quoted on Twitter on Tuesday after speaking to the team’s press beat. As part of his comments, Reese said of his team’s immensely disappointing year that “I’m the reason we’re 1-6.”




Harrison, signed by Reese last offseason, took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on Reese’s remarks. He disagreed.



Reese does have more of the blame to share this year. His decision to ignore the pressing issues along the offensive line for a third-straight year was immense and led to the team’s slow start.


In addition, several of the big contracts he doled out may have worked a year ago but are beginning to show signs of perhaps not being wise investments long-term. This Giants team was built to win now and yet they face the prospects of getting a top draft pick next year.


A pick that Reese, in all likelihood, won’t be around to make.


For his end of things, Harrison certainly isn’t at fault. He’s producing well and continues to be one of the best interior defensive linemen in the league. On a better team, he’d be an All-Pro candidate.


So far this year, Harrison has 32 tackles and a sack.