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It may have been a win for the New York Giants on Sunday but long-term, well, it might be a loss.

The Giants improved to 2-8  in Week 11, a 12-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs a rare surprise in a season full of disappointments. Yet for a team that has underwhelmed in every meaning of the word this year, the Giants hurt their chances at a better draft pick rather significantly by churning out a win.

As things stand right now, FootballOutsiders.com has the Giants at a 3.4-percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick. According to the site’s percentage, the chance they land somewhere in the top five picks is 74.1 percent.

For comparison sake, the Giants came in with a 13-percent chance of sitting No. 1 in the draft and 87.4 percent of being in the top five of the first round. Winning can really mess with tanking the season as their odds at a top pick got longer.


Which led Metro to wonder how much better things would be if the Giants had lost and dropped their record to 1-9…

FootballOutsiders.com graciously answered that request by running some numbers assuming that the Giants had lost in Week 11 to the Chiefs, just like everyone in the football world assumed prior to kickoff at MetLife Stadium.

The results obviously show that losing this past Sunday would significantly help a quest for a top pick.

An ‘L’ on Sunday would have had the Giants at 17.3 percent to get the No.1 overall pick and 93.5 percent to be somewhere in the top five. That win really did have some long-term ramifications for the organization for a club that now has just a 3.4 percent chance of drafting first overall. 

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