Evan Engram. (Photo: Getty Images)

Evan Engram has surpassed nearly every benchmark laid out for him so far this year and yet the New York Giants rookie tight end wants more. It is an attitude that will carry Engram far in this league.


It is expected that Engram wouldn’t be happy with the Giants season to date, which has certainly not gone according to plan with a 1-8 record. As far as the back of his trading card goes, his statistics have been impressive.


So far this year, Engram has 40 receptions for 443 yards and five touchdowns, more than solid numbers for the first round pick, especially since the Giants offense as a whole has been deplorable. But Engram isn’t one to rest on those laurels. He sees the season falling short of his expectations.


When asked if the season has gone according to plan for him on a personal level, he was quick to shoot that down.


“Like, individually? No, I have pretty big expectations for myself. I feel like I can be doing more, but definitely, I’m kind of hard to please,” Engram said. “But, definitely, it’s pretty cool coming in and having some success, but it’s just some expectations I have for myself.”


After a time early in the season where he admitted his “head was spinning a bit,” Engram has settled in nicely to the offense. He’s a solid route runner and boasts a fantastic makeup as a tight end.

He has 11.1 yards per reception, a healthy indicator of his potential. With a big wingspan and good length, Engram is an ideal receiving option to stretch the field.

But the Giants poor offensive play this season certainly hasn’t showcased his full abilities. Despite the struggles, the potential is there for the rookie to be a big part of the offense moving forward.

“I’ve just had to grow up a little bit faster, mature a little bit more, learning a lot,” Engram said. “I think that’s probably going to be the biggest step that I’m going to take, just learning the importance of just being a big playmaker, just stepping up in big moments, kind of having to deal with a lot of adversity. So, definitely going forward it will make me a better player, a better person.”