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Jets playoff odds continue to grow

Entering Week 6, the little team that everyone said could not, is competing.
The Jets will try to get back to winning ways on Thursday night against the Bills. (Photo: Getty Images)

Another win this past Sunday for the New York Jets means that a team picked to go winless this year suddenly has a better chance at making the playoffs than getting a top pick.

Don’t look now but the Jets supposed plans to tank this season and get the No. 1 pick next year have taken a severe hit — assuming that was even a plan. It wasn’t ever the goal of this rebuild but the popular narrative that the Jets cut aging veterans so as to secure a high draft pick to take a quarterback took root among fans.

Supposedly the Jets were trying to be bad. Not the case anymore, it seems.

Now after three-straight wins, the Jets are 3-2 with a share of first place in the AFC East. A win on Sunday against the New England Patriots and they’d have sole possession of the division.


According to FootballOutsiders.com, the Jets now have a 16 percent chance of making the playoffs, up 3.3 percent after last week’s win over the Cleveland Browns.

And with the win, their chance at a top-five pick has dropped all the way down to 10.1 percent, with just a 0.1 percent chance of getting the No. 1 overall slot that they were supposedly destined to be a lock for just a month ago.

Stack that against the New York Giants who Football Outsiders says has a 10 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick and 65.4 percent chance of being in the top five. That’s what 0-5 will get ya. 

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