New York Mets manager Terry Collins. (Photo: Getty Images)
Terry Collins became the longest-tenured Mets manager in franchise history on Saturday. (Photo: Getty Images)

While his job status might be anything but secure, Terry Collins became the New York Mets' longest-tenured manager in franchise history on Saturday night against the Los Angeles Angels. 

Coming on in 2011, Collins has experienced the gamut of success in New York, albeit more bad than good at times. And while he might not be the most successful coach in club history, he has patrolled the dugout the longest: 


Terry Collins


Years: 2011-present

Games: 1,014

Record: 499-515 (.493)

Division titles: 1

Playoff appearances: 2

2015 National League Champion



Davey Johnson

Years: 1984-1990

Games: 1,012

Record: 595-417 (.588)

Division titles: 2

Playoff appearances: 2

1986 World Series Champion



Bobby Valentine

Years: 1996-2002

Games: 1,003

Record: 536-467 (.534)

Division titles: 0

Playoff appearances: 2

2000 National League Champion



Joe Torre

Years: 1977-1981

Games: 709

Record: 286-420 (.405)

Playoff appearances: 0



Gil Hodges

Years: 1968-1971

Games: 649

Record: 339-309 (.523)

Division titles: 1

Playoff appearances: 1

1969 World Series Champion

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