Mets Rafael and Marje Zayas discovered the gender of their child in true baseball fashion. [Getty Images]
Rafael Zayas was able to combine two of his greatest passions of baseball and his wife when the expectant father revealed the gender of his child.
In a fitting video shot during opening week, the longtime New York Mets fan stands at home plate with his bat, awaiting a pitch from his wife Marje Zayas. Wearing a Mets jersey, Mike Piazza no less, the video shows Zayas taking a swing on what is presumably a hanging curveball, only to see his target explode with blue powder.

Rafael, set to be a first-time father, was excited about the news that his bambino will be a boy.
“We made a bunch of practice throws prior to filming but it was with a softball. The gender reveal ball was much lighter and so it took off a bit,” Rafael told Metro. “I committed to swinging and that's what we caught on the video. Doesn't matter though we captured the feeling. We have a son!”
With much of Marje’s family in her native Estonia and the expectant father’s family in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere, they wanted a video that could be shared with those they love. It was an idea that the duo knocked out of the park.
Residents of Madison, New Jersey, Rafael is an account receivable manager and his wife owns a small business in Morris County. Formerly of Staten Island, Rafael admits being a long-suffering Mets fan through the ups and downs of the past few years. Presumably, his son will have no choice and will follow his father’s footsteps and become an Amazins fan as well.
The couple has decided on a name for their son, who is due late this summer. They will not reveal the name yet, but sources say that Yoenis is high on the list.
They are not considering Derek, Mickey, Whitey or Yogi.​
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