Davis Webb has trudged through the majority of the 2017 season as the Giants' third-string quarterback. (Photo: Getty Images)

The more things change for Davis Webb, the more they stay the same for the level-headed rookie quarterback, who might just be days away from his first taste of the NFL.


The New York Giants rookie quarterback’s role truly hasn’t changed that much, this as Webb was named the team’s backup this week. He won’t start. He’s still behind the incumbent starter Eli Manning. He still isn’t getting the lion’s share of first-team snaps in practice.


But Webb will be in a jersey and active for the first time on Sunday as the 2-13 Giants close out their season at home against the Washington Redskins.


“Really nothing too much; it doesn’t affect my preparation. I’ve been working all year as if I was actually going to play,” Webb said this week. “So again, I’ve said it before in this environment that I go in every single week on Sunday’s about 30 minutes before game time thinking I’m going to be the guy. So it doesn’t really affect me at all. I’m just looking forward to helping Eli, last game of the year and help him enjoy some success with our teammates.”


Manning will undoubtedly get the start against Washington but this game, a meaningless one for the Giants, is a great opportunity for Webb.


In a game that only matters for standings in the NFL Draft, Webb could get some snaps at some point in the second half. The third round pick out of Cal via Texas Tech has some solid tools and could grow into a starting quarterback at some point in this league. He has some great tools but needs some work.

Being active for Sunday’s game and the backup to Manning is all part of the development for Webb, who has yet to see a snap yet this year.

“I just think the process of getting him to two and if something does happen then we would have spent some time last week getting him ready and he would be the guy that would go in,” interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo said.​