A fake Odell Beckham got decked at an Atlanta nightclub this past Saturday morning. Getty Images

What an offseason for Odell Beckham and Odell Beckham impersonators so far. It was Beckham in bed with a French model smoking what appeared to be a blunt, but the second ODB viral video of the past week in which “he” was KO’d at an Atlanta nightclub on St. Patrick’s Day morning appears to be false.


Some dude claiming to be the Giants wide receiver apparently went to the the famous Gold Club Friday night and claimed to be Beckham. For his troubles, he got knocked the F out. No word on whether or not he got belted due to his egregious “impersonating an NFL star” charge or if he just got five knuckles upside the temple because he was acting the fool.


Here is video of the "Odell" KO.