Whenever football fans have a question, Adam Schefter is usually the first person they listen to. (Photo: Getty Images)
Adam Schefter can’t even get a haircut in peace.
The ESPN maestro of breaking NFL news, Schefter is known for being the ultimate go-to source around the NFL in addition to being on his cellphone. Always being on his cellphone. Even on set, on live TV, Schefter and his cellphone are never far apart.
He can even be talking about other news around the league and the camera shows Schefter fully engaged in making one point while chasing breaking news on his phone.
In a commercial for FanDuel, Schefter gets a haircut at Steven’s Modern Haircut in Glen Head, NY. The chuckle-worthy spoof shows Schefter’s barber (his real-life barber and not an actor) cutting his hair, asking for fantasy football advice.

The irony is that Schefter is always asked for fantasy football advice by fans, something that truly does interrupt the mundane moments in his life.
Then again, his coverage of the NFL often interrupts his own life.

"I've been cutting Adam's hair for 10 years -- he has never once put his phone down,” Steven Yagudaev, Schefter’s barber, told Metro. “I've had to stop mid-haircut for him to break news!"
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