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Remember all that buzz about Dez Bryant potentially signing with an NFC East team not named the Cowboys a month ago after he was released? Well, that buzz is now deader than Kristen Stewart’s eyes.

Bryant has only been offered a contract by one team – the Baltimore Ravens – and he declined their offer. Bryant tweeted this week that he does not regret turning down Baltimore.

“Nope, not 1 bit and very appreciative of the offer,” @DezBryant wrote. “What’s crazy is how reports like this will try to tarnish someone’s character … the slight jab saying it’s not easy to get along with. I thought the media would give up by now with betraying me as something that I’m not.”

Bryant has been very active on Twitter this week, responding to just about everyone who takes a keyboard jab at him. After @TeeJayLew accused Bryant of searching his own name on the Internet, Bryant responded: “Bro I’m not desperate about any attention … I DO NOT HAVE TO SEARCH MY NAME … I get crazy mentions lol … In all reality I’ve accepted what comes with this life … that’s why I will be OK … most people go crazy and forget the value of real life … again I’m not media driven.”


Bryant insists that he not being signed to a team yet is “his own personal decision” and does not have anything to do with teams in the NFL believing he’s not worth the trouble.

While Bryant turned down a reported three-year, $21 million deal from the AFC D.C. area-based team, he may be holding out hope that Washington's NFC team finally gives in and gives him the one-year, "show me" contract he craves.

The Redskins would fulfill Bryant's wish of being able to play against the Cowboys twice this season, and they also have a relatively healthy cap situation right now - 13th best in the NFL, currently. Washington showed little interest in signing Bryant shortly after his release, but the Redskins may now pounce now that Bryant's asking price is lower. The Redskins desperately need more talent at the receiver position and Bryant would obviously provide that.

One thing holding Bryant back from signing with the Redskins, however, would be that he is looking for big touchdown numbers this season in order to get a larger contract for 2019, and Alex Smith has proven to be one of the least efficient quarterbacks in the NFL in the red zone in recent years.

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