The good news is that the Patriots defense finally looked competent against the Jets yesterday. Which, when you look at it statistically, only shows how horrid it was over the season's first few weeks.

Through Sunday's games, New England is in a very odd place on the league's leaderboards. The offense is shaping up as almost historically good, while the 'D,' in many categories, is the worst in the league. Here's a closer look:


Points per game: 33.0 (No. 3 in the league)

Yards per game: 495.2 (1)

Passing ypg: 366.6 (1)

Rushing ypg: 128.6 (6)

First downs per game: 27.2 (1)



Points per game: 23.8 (No. 14 in the league)

Yards per game: 433.0 (32)

Passing ypg: 326.6 (32)

Rushing ypg: 106.4 (13)

8 (T-29)

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