Cedric Thornton played in all 16 games last season and compiled 78 tackles. Credit: Getty Images Expect the Eagles to be a hot ticket again this season. Credit: Getty Images

If you're going to an NFL game, why not invest in some extra tickets?

With teams like the Eagles starting to sell individual tickets Thursday at 10 a.m., it's a question worth asking.

Even if your team is bad, there is a likelihood you will at least be able to get your money back. And if you're a fan of a team like the Giants, or the Patriots are in the hunt for a playoff spot or facing a conference rival, you are sure get a little bang for your bucks.


Consider this. The cheapest Giants tickets retail price, are $110. Last year, secondary markets got an average of $238 a ticket, the second most in the NFL.

The Patriots were ranked No. 1 in resale value, outselling the G-Men by an average of three bucks a ticket.

Last year, during the Eagles' run to the playoffs, Stubhub was selling tickets as high as $2,751.99. NFL tickets are hot. And it seems to be a pretty safe investment.

With only eight home games, it's not like baseball (81 home games) or the NBA or NHL (41 home games). There is a demand.

Last season only five NFL teams averaged under 90 percent capacity. And none of them were in the Northeast.

The Eagles actually packed in 102.3 percent on average for each game. With demand like that, why not grab an extra two tickets Thursday morning and play the market? Chip Kelly's potent offense looks poised to make another run at at NFL East title.

Using a site like Stubhub.com allows you to safely transfer your tickets to the buyer at a profit. And there are countless others. It's never been easier to have your cake and eat it too. The 2014 season can't come soon enough.

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